Meet our creative team, our production crew, precision drivers, mechanics and our film directors.

Many years ago we started as young friends with mainly two things in common: Love for the art of filmmaking & authentic automotive passion. Times have changed, but our enthusiasm remains unbroken. Today car commercials are considered as the supreme discipline in the world of advertising.

When we started automotive video production, it wasn’t for the prestige of this industry but rather for the sole reason that we enjoyed what we were doing.
Enthusiasm leads to expertise and the underdogs of then became the professionals of today. Each and every member of the 67 Crew has been involved in several successful automotive video production projects.

  • Daniel

    Director, Cinematographer, Managing Partner

    The godfather of car videos. Acknowledged by car enthusiasts and by the automotive industry.

  • Rene

    Producer, Managing Partner

    With an automotive background as well, Rene truly understands our clients products and creates the framework for trouble free projects.

    • Kevin

      Junior Producer, Precision Driver

      Part of the team for many years. His automotive expertise can only be beaten by his knowledge about coffee.

      • Salvatore

        Camcar Driver, Mechanic

        A true friend and part of the family since day 1.

        • Alexandro


          Camera operator with apparently infinite power resources.

          • Mikis


            Cool dude with a huge pool of experience with more than 300 music video productions.

            • Robin


              qualified sound designer with wide diversity of experience.

              • Dirk

                Camcar Driver, Mechanic

                Big dude with a big heart and the attitude of a true team player.

                • Dominik

                  Precission Driver, Mechanic

                  Give this man a car and he demonstrates what the car is really capable of.

                  • Nicola

                    Web developer

                    The 1 with the 1es and 0s.

                    • Sven


                      Our Compositing & Photoshop Houdini.

                      • Daniel


                        Mechanic Dan. There’s not a single problem that he can’t fix.

                        INTERNATIONAL PRODUCERS

                        • Alok

                          Producer, India

                          Connected since day 1! Alok is a real production mastermind with the experience of 10 years!

                          • Jerry

                            Producer, Los Angeles, USA

                            Our man across the pond. Reliable, comradely and confident.

                            • Drey

                              Producer, Ljubljana, SLO

                              Dedicated to the automotive filmmaker lifestyle. Part of the team for many years. Always a pleasure to work with him.

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                              Director of photography (f/m)
                              Editor / Cutter (Premiere Pro) (f/m)
                              SFX Artist (f/m)