Our custom built and fully equipped film camera car provides super dynamic and still stabilized rolling shots

First of all, cost efficiency was our number one priority when we built this custom shotmaker.

We’ve decided to go for maximum versatility and since the car was tailored to our needs, we can get the most out of it. A highly flexible rig is mounted to the body upfront and loads of attachments are ready to transform this business van into a highly mobile and surprisingly quick high-resolution digital recording device.

The entire setup can be ready to shoot within just 20 minutes of arriving on set, and we can easily travel and mount a high-end film camera to the body or… well, to a man filming from inside.

Quick Setup & Fully equipped

  • Ready to shoot in just 20 minutes
  • Onboard control center for adjusting camera settings and providing live preview for clients

High Speed, Highly dynamic

  • Height-adjustable camera towers
  • Rolling shots up to 100 km/h

Stabilized images

  • Clear and stabilized footage, even during high speed maneuvers

Well-trained operators

  • Professional driver
  • Experienced camera operator
  • No compromises